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A Renaissance man of style with creative vision and yearning to make all things beautiful. Experienced in applying creative enhancement - dance, design, fashion, film, music, art, photography, multi-media and writing. Dedicated to creativity that makes one’s very existence meaningful. I have occupied a variety of roles where in which I have applied creative vision, charisma and ability. My flexibility has allowed me to experience a wide array of professional opportunities. Most recently, I’ve developed targeted skills and the impact of marketing to today’s maturing audience in America. I have deep knowledge and understanding of continuing relevance and contributions to society from this segment. Also the strength of their purchasing power.

I participated in the Intergenerational Media Literacy program with Senior Planet (OATS) and SAGE - two programs that offer aging adults an opportunity to explore, learn, mingle and renew their passions, to keep abreast of the ever-changing world of digital technology and how it impacts everyone’s lives daily. I now coach and offer creative consultation to people and businesses that seek color and design advice. In addition, I take part and speak publicly about the initiatives and multimedia projects that augment my talents to the current day market place. Retail, Non-Profit Organizations, Learning Institutions and the Real Estate Industry are specific venues where I have consulted on issues and celebrations of aging to woo the now very large and financially lucrative marketing of aging adults.

My professional career in the design industry began after graduating from Parson School of Design. I entered New York’s garment industry in the time frame when it was the epicenter of fashion and textile design. Here, I’ve designed fabrics for women, men children and home decor products. Overtime, I developed deep expertise and good reputation for versatility and the ability to get into the mind, heart, and soul of the subject to articulate their best sells back to them through image and design. On that reputation, a place in design and product development offered and accepted with Hallmark Cards Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri.

In that opportunity soared to the top of my field, reshaping, redefining, and reinvigorating the personal expression industry. Courage, inner resolve and understanding of the fine line between art and commerce helped “Mahogany” Hallmark’s African American card brand, be the industry leader. I proudly led that design initiative. More importantly, the brand changed how the African American market expresses and celebrates life’s occasions. Through design scope and usage of surface design I have expanded gifts items, home decor and home furnishings to a new definition of creativity. I have served on a variety of boards and organizations. My wish and love of humanity also community enrichment is manifest past and present.

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